Ritesh Prasanna

Hailing from a renowned family of musicians of Varanasi who have traditionally played and nurtured the shehnai for over two and half centuries, Ritesh has taken to music by inheritance.

His father, Pt Rajendra Prasanna is one of the great flute and shehnai players of the country. He received all his illustrious training from his grandfather, the late Pt Raghunath Prasanna, who was the first in the Prasanna family to introduce flute-playing, otherwise known for the shehnai playing. He taught them the basic techniques of the flute-playing and exposed them to the vast potential of this wind instrument.

At a young age, Ritesh had a good command over flute. His recitals are methodical with emphasis on Gayaki Ang. Consistency in sur and laya is the hallmark of his playing. This talented young has not only imbibed the subtle nuances of Banaras Gharana but also presents them in a very beautiful way.

He performed at many European and Asian nations including France, Switzerland, Italy, South Africa, Slovenia, Finland, Africa, Mauritius, Thailand, Combodia and Vietnam.