Rishab Prasanna

Born & hail from a renowned family of musicians of Varanasi who have traditionally played & nurtured the shehnai for over two & half centuries, Rishab has taken to music by inheritance.

Rishab Prasanna is the son and disciple of the renowned flute & shehnai Virtuoso Pt. Rajendra Prasanna and grandson of the Great Pt. Raghunath Prasanna (He is the man invented and discovered many techniques in flute playing, which is now followed by top most flutists of India).

Rishab is deeply rooted in Indian classical music, he is initiated into the art of flute playing from the blessings of his grandfather, the legendary Raghunath Prasanna, lessons from his Uncles - Pt. Ravi Shanker Prasanna and Sh.Rakesh Prasanna took his devotion to the mellowness, the vast knowledge entitled to him coming generations to generations make him a true representative of Indian flute. Rishab is learning finer skills of music from his father Pt. Rajendra Prasanna, This talented young talent has not only imbibed the subtle nuances of Banaras Gharana but also present them in a very beautiful way. Rishab is at ease with the light classical modes like thumri, chaiti, kajri and dhun (folk music of India) and play them with equal aplomb and telling effects.

At this young age, Rishab has proved him and received rave reviews for his magnificent performances at Concerts the world the opening of Festival of India in Japan organized by ICCR. And performed at Tokyo, Yokohama, Nigatta & Osaka, performed at the prestigious Asian Pacific Music festival in Fukuaka Japan.

Invited to perform at the world renowned festivals such as WOMADadelaide, Sydney Opera House, Melbourne Recital Centre, National Gallery Concert (Canberra), Brisbane Power House in Australia and WOMAD NZ Auckland Arts festival, Wellington festival in Newzealand Tour of France, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland , Kuwait, UAE.